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Discount chain to open 7 stores and create 200 jobs

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Originally published: 11.02.2009

A discount chain has announced plans to open seven shops in west and central Scotland, creating 200 jobs.

Home Bargains has clinched a deal to set up a 9000 sq ft store in the Clyde Shopping Centre, Clydebank. It is expected to open at the end of March with 35 staff.

The company is owned by Liverpool-based T J Morris Ltd and currently runs 170 stores across the UK, employing about 4000 people.

The Clydebank store is part of a 10million expansion plan across central Scotland.

It opened its first Scottish store in Rutherglen in December last year and another new Scots store will be in Coatbridge. The other locations have not yet been revealed.

The company sells branded goods at low prices, ranging from health and beauty products to cut-price alcohol.

Joe Morris, operations director, said the firm's low-cost deals appealed to shoppers feeling the bite of the credit crunch.

He added: "Business is as good as it has ever been for us and plans are under way to open 30 stores across the UK within the next six months.

"We are thrilled to be in a position during these very challenging times where we are able to put investment back into small town high streets while opening up hundreds of job opportunities.

"We are delighted to be expanding in Scotland. Our new stores will benefit local economies by providing jobs and new investment."

The arrival of the discount chain in Clydebank will come as a boost to the town, which saw its Woolworths store shut just after Christmas.

Clydebank was one of many towns across Scotland hit by the collapse of Woolies, which cost 27,000 jobs across the UK.


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